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Gifts For Cats – Ideas

Choosing gifts for cats is fun! Looking for cat gift ideas for Christmas, or your cat’s birthday? Or maybe just because you love her and she deserves it!

First you need to figure out if you want a practical cat gift – or a fun present that your cat can play with.

Although some kitties are not interested in toys, if you choose wisely you may just find some unique gifts for cats that will be wildly appreciated. Look for things that tickle, move, rustle and just are odd. The truth is that sometimes the most unusual things are the ones that cats love the most.

Cool Cat Gift Ideas


In this page I will be highlighting some of the most popular, cat and human friendly items that make great cat gift ideas – whether for Christmas, or for any time of the year.

Cat Gift Baskets

If none of the below products interest you, then there is always the option of buying a complete gift basket – already set-up. Here is a cool range of cat gift ideas..

Gifts For Cats Birthday? ... Toys!!!

Toys are usually the most enjoyed cat gifts

Here is a selection of the most enjoyable and entertaining "interactive" toys for cats that make great cat gifts. This selection is all of toys that your cat can play with by him or herself. They are stimulating and reactive.

Interactive cats toys are a good option for cat owners who are away from home and need something to help keep their felines occupied and happy while they are away.

Pictured below, these toys will all keep cats entertained, while stimulating the natural prey drive that is so necessary for kitty emotional contentment.

See Here For A Complete Range of Cat Toys

More Toys that Make Excellent Cat Gift

Check out the Catnip Toys!

More toys cats love. These are interactive, some are cuddly, some have CATNIP!

My cats particularly like the little springy "Cat Crazies", probably because they are hard to predict - just like a small animal. My cats carry these around in their mouths, bat them everywhere and just generally enjoy stalking and playing with them.

See Here For A Complete Range of Catnip Toys

Chase the Hemp - Cat Tails Kicker ToyChase the Hemp - Cat Tails Kicker ToySee at OnlyNaturalPetPurrrfect Deluxe Cat Toy Gift SetPurrrfect Deluxe Cat Toy Gift SetSee at OnlyNaturalPetYeowww! Catnip Toy, Yellow BananaYeowww! Catnip Toy, Yellow BananaSee at OnlyNaturalPet


Kitty Kick Stix - The Ultimate Catnip Toy!

The Ultimate Cat Gift - Kitty Kick Stix!

Now this is a seriously cool toy that almost ANY cat will love.

Best Catnip Cat Toy EverThe shape and style are just perfect for what cats like to do best - and that is "scruff" their toys. They can get a really good grip on it - and kick the heck out of it with their back feet at the same time.

The Kitty Kick Stix is crammed full of that enticing herb - Catnip!!! Honestly - you will enjoy having this seriously cool toy around - just as much as your cat!

What's more - this product is 100% organic and is made in the USA.

Click on the image on the right to find out more, or to purchase.

AND make sure you go to the "Customer Videos" page here and see some happy cats having wonderful fun with this exciting toy.

Play Together Cat Toys

For You And Your Cat

Here is a range of cat toys that require human interaction. These are lovely to help build your relationship with your cat. And for the same reason, they are excellent for children to use with kitties (always under supervision).

One of the best things about playing with your cat with toys, is that humans get as much - if not more - enjoyment out of it. There is not much funnier that a cat with the zoomies, or doing amazing leaps and back-flips.

However, please always be aware of safety concerns. Don't leave string toys laying around, or let young children use them without supervision. And always check for loose parts that may fall off or get chewed off ... and swallowed.

Go Here For A Complete Range of Interactive Cat Toys

From the Field Feather ToyFrom the Field Feather ToySee at OnlyNaturalPetKong Laser Keychain ToyKong Laser Keychain ToySee at PetWarehouseSwizzle Bird ToySwizzle Bird ToySee at OnlyNaturalPet


Gifts Cats Enjoy - TOYS

Hee hee hee ... haa haa haa, I love this video and hope you do too. Make sure you scroll down to the next one as well. It's hilarious.



Cat Tunnels

too much fun!

Cat TunnelsCat tunnels are always a HUGE hit here in our house. The cats simply adore them! The funny thing is that they never remain in the same room where I put them. They get leaped into so fast by the cats that they get shoved around all over the house.

I even have a cat who grabs the little strings in her mouth and drags it around behind her. It is hilarious when there is another cat inside and it is too heavy to move, she gets quite stroppy about it.

Cat tunnels are great for playing "peek-a-boo" and "bite-your-brothers-tail-through-the-hole" and "flatten-your-sister-when-she-is-sleeping-inside-the-tunnel" games.

As an added bonus, our tunnels are also a repository for any toy that the cat's find (Ragdolls tend to carry things around in their mouths), so it is a great way to get them to clean up their toys after them. Wish my human boys were so easily taught :-)

Gifts for Cats to Scratch and Climb

A very necessary part of any cat's life.

Scratching is something that usually bothers owners if there is nothing better to scratch than the furniture. Just understand that cat's actually NEED to scratch.

Extremely Cool Gifts for Cats - Kitty Hollow Cat TreesAmong other things, scratching removes the dead sheaths from their claws, exercises the muscles over their entire body and leaves their personal "kitty odor" on that particular spot.

If owners provide an appropriate object for cats to scratch on, they can usually be discouraged from scratching furniture quite quickly.

That is where cat trees and condos really come into their own. A well-designed, cat-friendly scratching post, or similar, is a mandatory piece of cat furniture for all indoors-only cats. And it will also be enjoyed - even if your cat is allowed to wander outdoors too.

Climbing helps to keep your cat fit and flexible, and it is something they really love to do. The higher the better. Cats love to be way up high as it gives them a sense of security (and superiority).

Now you don't need to go as far as this gorgeous and very popular model pictured on the right - the Kitty Hollow cat trees. Although I am positive your cat would not complain if you did!

You can buy the awesome Kitty Hollow here

Unique Cat Trees

For Kitties Who Like To Be Different

If your cat is a teeny bit "precious" and likes to be different from all of the other kitties, she (or he) might like a cat tree that is not a carbon copy of everyone else's.

So, if you are looking for something a little more individual to give to your cat, click here Best Cat Scratching Posts to go to my pages that feature some rather special and unique cat trees.

Small Cat Scratchers

Cat Scratchers For Smaller Spaces

These are smaller types of cat scratchers, if you have a smaller apartment or need to tuck them in a corner. They still do the trick, though!

Cat Beds Make Good Gifts

Special Places For Cats To Sleep

Most cat owners are aware of how much cats love to sleep!

Most cats spend around 18 hours a day in la-la land It is nice to give your cat somewhere to sleep that she can call her own. It also makes it easier to clean up any shed fur, as most of it will be in the one place.

If you live in a cool climate then you might be interested in a heated cat bed as a special gift for your cat. As well as sleep, cats love warmth. Much more than us humans do.

Below are some really cool cat beds and sleeping places that all would make a lovely cat present.There is a range of different cat bed options, from scratcher-bed combinations through to warm, heated beds for kitty to snuggle into on those cold nights.


Click Here for a MASSIVE range of Cat Beds - All Styles & Shapes

More Cat Beds and Scratchers

Combination cat scratchers with a place to sleep too!

Once your cat has totally exhausted herself scratching and playing, she can just keel over and take a nap right where she is with the combination scratcher beds. Comfy beds make very handy gifts for cats.

My own cats particularly like beds with a defined edge, and I have a number similar to the "Puffy" bed below. What I like most about these is that they are not only very portable, but they are easy to toss into the washing machine for cleaning.

A Cat Enclosure?

What About Gifting Your Cat The Great OutDoors?

If you have got this far and still not found the perfect gifts for cats, maybe you would consider an outdoor cat enclosure. This is a really good option for cats who are "indoor-only" felines.

It is so good for them to get fresh air, sunshine on their coats and the earth beneath their feet. They get mental stimulation as well, by being able to watch and smell the goings-on outside of the house. And all the while, you know your cat is safely contained and not wandering.

For indoor cats, a cat enclosure can be like having a holiday is for humans.

Make sure to check out some gorgeous Outdoor Cat Enclosures here:
LARGE Pre-made Wooden Outdoor Cat Enclosures
There is one for all needs

KittyWalk - Outdoor Cat Enclosures

KittyWalk Cat Enclosure systems allow indoor cats to go outdoors, in safety. They are contained, but still get to see and feel the fresh air. They are collapsible for easy storage. They are modular systems, so you can add all sorts of different additions for your cat's total enjoyment. KittyWalk enclosures are perfect for small spaces, such as patios or balconies. One of the best gifts for cats there is, is the gift of the outdoors.

This video show a new KittyWalk system being set up - and you get to see how the cats love their safe, new outdoor space.


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