8 Essentials Supplies – Preparing For A New Kitten

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8 Essential Supplies – Preparing For A New Kitten

Before bringing your new kitten home, apart from making your house safe, there are some vital pieces of kitten equipment you will need. Here is a list and description of the 8 most important kitten supplies and items you will need, to make preparing for a new kitten a breeze.

Tips On Preparing For A New Kitten - Supply List. This is a comprehensive kitten checklist for supplies you need to care for kittens.

This page explains the 8 essential items your new kitten will require, preferably prior to bringing your new baby home.

1. Cat Litter and Litter Pan

Your new kitten will require a litter box and fresh litter to be ready before she arrives home. Do some research into the litter, as some are excellent and make cleaning a breeze. Whereas others can be nasty, smelly stuff you do not really want in your home.

The litter box itself: A baby kitten requires a litter box that has side low enough to be easily accessed. Not too large and also not too small, either. Toileting needs to be made extremely easy for a new  kitten. As you do not want to have any accidents to start off. Kittens, unlike puppies, are “born litter trained” – they just know. And as long as you make it easy for them, and they will always go where they should.

The litter tray pictured below on the left – Littermaid Mega Self Cleaning Litter Box is an excellent choice for a new kitten. The sides are high enough to stop litter going every where, yet she will still be able to get in and out without any trouble. It is neat and tidy looking and easily moved to different rooms in the house if required. Clean up with this litter tray is a breeze.

2. Cat Scratching Post

Your kitten will need scratching post, which is NOT a luxury item but a NECESSITY for an indoor cat. They need to claw on things to remove the spent claw sheaths and also to stretch and exercise their muscles. It is also used for scent marking. A scratching post is a very important item.

A cat is easily encouraged to use its own scratching post rather than clawing your lovely furniture to pieces.

When preparing for your new kitten, choose any size of scratching post. Honestly - the bigger - the better! Cats love to have their own place in the house. So if you can afford a cat tree that has perches and hidey holes - that will be most appreciated. However, if you only have room or funds for a small scratching post - just get a small one. A small scratching post is WAY better than none.

Below are some great examples of scratching posts, and if you would like to see more ideas - then please visit these pages: Best Cat Scratching Posts & Cheap Cat Scratching Posts


3. Water and Food Containers

Water containers are preferable glass or stainless steel. They should be wide at the base and not easily knocked over. Also, don't buy water bowls that are too deep. There should be ample room for kitty's whiskers.

When choosing food containers for a kitten, it'simple- flat plates are the best. Your kitten doesn't like her whiskers being "hassled" while she is eating, and a flat plate means the cat will have no issue no problem with her whiskers touching the edge. Something from your kitchen will be just fine for food dish when preparing for a new kitten.

Below are some good stainless steel water bowl selections.

Stainless Pet Water BowlStainless Pet Water Bowl
Stainless Steel Double BowlStainless Steel Double Bowl


4. Cat Grooming Items

Depending on the coat length of your new kitten, you may need special grooming tools. Most short haired cats do not require regular grooming. However, most long and semi long haired cats do need a little help. And usually they will grow to love being groomed. It also helps to build up a close relationship between you.

The Glove Cat Grooming Mitt below is a great option for both short and long-haired cats. Apart from removing loose hair and dirt, the glove helps to build a bond between you. You can move the glove gently all over your new kitten, with loving touches.

The Cat Anti-static Hair Removal Comb is very helpful for long-haired kitties, as is the  Professional Pet Grooming Brush.. However, if you use either of these tool - make sure you are very gentle. Please don't let children groom a cat with these without supervision, until they have learned how to be gentle with them.

 Glove Cat Grooming MittGlove Cat Grooming Mitt
Cat Anti-static Hair Removal CombCat Anti-static Hair Removal Comb
Professional Pet Grooming BrushProfessional Pet Grooming Brush


5. Cat Transporter Crate

A necessary item when preparing for a new kitten. You will need a crate for when you need to move your kitten, going to the vet, etc. And if you ensure it relatively roomy, it can also double as a safe place for your kitten to spend its nights.

Plus, it is always a good idea to have a crate or some form of cage for containment, when you need to keep your kitten safe and know exactly where she is ... for example on days you are having people in and out of your home.

Portable Cat Carrier BagPortable Cat Carrier Bag
Midwest Skudo Pet Travel CarrierMidwest Skudo Pet Travel Carrier
Folding Carry Bag Airline ApprovedFolding Carry Bag Airline Approved


6. Cat Bed

Often a cat will prefer to sleep in your bed, however this is not a good way to start! Young kittens often find the smell of human beds is a little similar to a toilet, and may use your bed as such. It is always good prevent accidents like these from happening, so choose a nice bed for your new kitten, that is all her own.

You can always use just a cardboard box when preparing for a new kitten- and they can work well. Make sure to pop in some soft towels and maybe a cushion for comfort.

However, if you want something more long-term and aesthetically pleasing, check the items below. The one on the right is my favorite. Cats love the safe feeling of sleeping in a move-able kinda bed. They love to wriggle and snuggle. This cat bed is warm and cosy. It is also easily transportable from room to room. It can be tucked away in a quiet corner ... Or take pride of place on your couch.

7. Cat Food

I always recommend that people look into "real" raw food for their kitten or cat, rather than commercial preparations. Raw food is ALWAYS the best. If you must use commercial, please use one of the top end brands as the quality of ingredients is a lot better. It may seem expensive when buying it, but it will save lots of money in vets costs in the long run.

Most canned and pre-packaged cat food is actually NOT good for cats - despite the marketing hype. Cats are carnivores and they should be fed accordingly, if you want them to live a long and healthy life. Make sure you read labels before buying cat food, you do not want to be feeding your little carnivore on grain and vegetables.

However, I could write a whole book on just this topic. So, if you are new to the idea of feeding raw food, there is a great article on how to do it here. How To Feed Cats Raw Food

Raw Cat Food - Available Online

There is also an amazing line of wholesome, completely raw cat food available - see below. These are a fantastic option and take all the guesswork out of feeding raw food. They come in either frozen or freeze dried. And there is a great range of treats as well - great for training or just spoiling your cat.

 Frozen Raw Pet Food Complete Ground Turkey Raw Chicken Hearts Freeze Dried Green Beef Tripe Chunks Freeze Dried Complete Beef Pet Food Freeze Dried Complete Chicken Pet Food Freeze Dried Chicken Treats Freeze Dried Beef Liver Treats


Also, here are some excellent freeze-dried cat foods. These are a great idea to store as a back-up, for when you are all out of raw food for some reason.

Primal Pet Foods Freeze-Dried NuggetsPrimal Pet Foods Freeze-Dried Nuggets
Vital Essentials Freeze Dried Mini Patties Vital Essentials Freeze Dried Mini Patties
Feline Natural Freeze Dried Raw Cat FoodFeline Natural Freeze Dried Raw Cat Food


8. Cat Toys

.... toys and more toys! You 100% need lots of toys, when preparing for a new kitten. But, you really don’t need to buy them. Many things you already have in your home make fantastic toys. A few ideas are scrunched up paper, small cardboard boxes, tennis balls.

Items that are smallish and easily moved are great. But be sure there are no loose bits that can be ingested and cause problems. Use your imagination and you will come up with a lot of fun things in preparing for a new kitten. Click here for a great range of good catnip toys.

Go-Cat Da BirdGo-Cat Da Bird
Cats Toys CatBabble Ball Interactive Toy
Moody Pet Fling-Ama-String Cat ToyMoody Pet Fling-Ama-String Cat Toy


Bergan Turbo TrackBergan Turbo Track
SmartCat Peek-and-Play Toy BoxSmartCat Peek-and-Play Toy Box
Organic Catnip Fruit Cat ToysOrganic Catnip Fruit Cat Toys


I hope this page has helped you be aware of things you will need when preparing for a new kitten. I wish you many happy years of love, good health and fun times with your new baby!


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