10 New Kitten Care Tips

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10 Top New Kitten Care Tips

So now you have made a thoughtful selection of exactly what type of kitten you want, you have chosen your new kitten and your are just about to bring him home. You will naturally want to give him the very best possible start in life. My 10 New Kitten Care Tips will help you to be ready for your new arrival.

10 New Kitten Care Tips to help you prepare for your baby cat. When raising kittens, you will naturally want to give them the very best. My 10 Top tips and ideas will help you be prepared

There are a few things that you should think about, get ready and put into place before you actually bring your new baby kitten home. Include all of your family members in any discussions about the kitten’s care and handling.

It will help a lot with an easy integration into your household and the raising of kitty, if these things are thought about in advance.

Top 10 New Kitten Care Tips

Here are 10 tips to help your new kitten develop into a loving and affectionate adult cat. One who will share many years of happy life with you and your family – stress free

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1. Prepare For Your New Kitten

Be prepared BEFORE you bring him home. Make sure that everything he needs is ready and waiting, like toys, food, litter box, scratching post and a safe, comfy bed all ready for him. This will all help him to settle in more quickly.

Visit this page for kitten supplies you will need: Preparing For A New Kitten

2. Shower Your Kitten With Love

Give him plenty of attention and a lot of gentle handling. If kittens are handled a lot when they’re little, they become used to it and learn to enjoy it. As a result of this early handling, they are more likely to turn into friendly and affectionate adult cats who love to be cuddled and petted.

Your new kitten should always be handled with care. If you have little children, you should always supervise them with your new kitten. Take the time to teach them the correct ways of picking him up and handling him.

3. Handle Your Kitten Frequently

Accustom him to receiving every-day care from you. This includes grooming your cat, washing his face, giving him baths and cleaning his eye and ears. Handle his feet and toes gently.

Making sure that he is comfortable with these things when he is still a baby will ensure that you won’t have many problems with these things once he is an adult.

4. Make Introductions Slow & Safe

Safely introduce him to all of the everyday things that will form a part of his world as soon as you are able. This can include other people, children, other animals, traveling in the car, boarding at friends houses when you go off on holiday, and so on.

When introducing to other pets, take it slow and go by how your kitten is reacting. It is best to wait a few hours or a day, until he is familiar with his new surroundings first. Then he will feel safer.

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Doing any introductions well, will help him to become a confident and happy cat.

5. Food For A New Kitten

Make sure to feed a wide selection of foods that are suitable for kittens, to ensure he is used to eating a varied diet. This should prevent him from becoming a frustrating, fussy eater when he is older. However, take care to only feed fresh and safe foods.

6. Play With Your Kitten Lots

Play kitty games with him and speak to him constantly. A bored kitten or cat may tend to seek amusement in activities that you will not be particularly happy with, like scratching at the furniture.

Playing with your new kitten will build up a good relationship with him and help to prevent any boredom and bad habits developing.

Make sure you have a few cool cat toys ready – because once your new kitten settles in – he will want fun!

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7. Set Boundaries

Gently and calmly set boundaries for your kitten. Kittens are very much like little human children. They can push their luck to try and see how much they are able to get away with from you.

Common naughty kitten behavior includes scratching, biting, jumping on the kitchen worktops, scratching the furniture and abseiling the curtains. If your kitten is being naughty, stop him, say “no” (don’t shout) and move him away from the scene of his crime. Distraction always works a treat – so have toys handy.

It’s much easier to train a new kitten to be good than an adult cat, so setting the boundaries whilst he’s young can save you years of frustration in the future.

8. Don’t be Blackmailed!

Do not give in to vocal blackmail. Some kittens will try to get what they want by meowing and meowing at you. If you keep giving in to his demands, then your kitten may very well develop into a very noisy, vocal adult cat who’ll drive you nuts with constant loud demands.

9. Keep Your New Kitten Safe

Just like a human toddler, you should prepare your house for your new kitten’ safety. Check all around for anything that may hurt him, or frighten him.

Having big frights, like falling into the the toilet, being tormented by a child or having a dog bark right in his face, can have a negative impact on him when he is little, and may turn him into a scaredy cat.

The more unpleasant experiences he has as a kitten, the more likely he is to become nervous and mistrusting as an adult.

10.Your New Kitten Is Just A Baby

And finally, accept the fact that your new kitten is just a baby, he will have heaps of energy which will need to be released. Provide lots of toys and a good scratching post for him to discharge his energy.

While discouraging him from acts of willful destruction, you will need to ensure that items in your house are safe from kitty claws until he is a little older, and knows his boundaries.

I hope you found my Top 10 New Kitten Care tips helpful and will put them into action.



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