Make A Cat Scratching Post

Do you want to make a cat scratching post?

If you own a cat you will need to provide your cat with a cat tree. There are a lot of great reasons to make a cat tree for your cat.

Whether you live in an apartment and need to find one that will not take up a lot of space. Or you have a kitten that cannot climb the larger cat trees just yet, or you have an older cat that does not get around as well as it used to … making a cat tree yourself is a great idea.

Make A Natural Cat Tree

If you are handy with a tool or two, (and even if you are not) then you can save hundreds of dollars by making a cat tree yourself.

Your cat scratching tree does not need to made of expensive materials. And often, you can even find materials to build it from for free. This article will show you how it is possible to make a cat scratching post by spending very little or even at no cost at all. Also check out cheap cat scratching post

Consider all Aspects of Your Design

The first step is to make a drawing of your cat scratching post. How do you want it to look? Visit my article Cat Tree Designs for lots of inspiration.

Decide how many tiers you want it to have, and any other spaces like cat condo style enclosed areas. Get your creative juices flowing, and experiment with the design to make it unique. Make sure it is going to fit into the spot where you want to keep it. Choose the color of the coverings to fit your home and furniture.

Maybe you want a really natural cat tree? Then you could choose to use some wood parts of the scratching post. Nothing more natural than that!

Next, have a really good look at your design and see if it has the basic elements of a really good cat scratching post. Things like, are the post parts long enough for your cat to really stretch out, and to hang her weight off of her claws (cats seriously love to do that). If you have the room consider making one post really tall, so that she has to climb and claw her way to the top.

Are the posts going to be carpeted completely? Make sure the different tiers are easy to access, so you cat doesn’t get stuck up high with no easy way down. Shelves should lead one to the next easily.

Have you included places where your cat can sleep and lounge? They love their sleeping places to be way up, and the higher the better – as long as it is safe.

Get Your Materials

Next, based on your drawing, figure out exactly what materials you will need to build the cat tree. Some of the items may be carpet remnants, fake fur, carpet tubes, scrap wood and posts, sisal rope and wood screws. You might also like to find a few tough cat toys to hang from appropriate places. And catnip to spray or rub onto the cat tree will be delighted in by most cats.

Most of your materials can be gathered together for free. Have a look around the house, check out your garage, ask neighbors, and visit some local carpet stores to see if they have remnants that are to be tossed out. Low cost items can also be obtained at second hand or junk shops.

After getting all your materials together, check you have access to the following tools: hammer, wood saw, hand held drill, staple gun and staples, pencil, measuring tape, wood glue, wood screws and maybe nails.

Get To Work!

It is best to start to making a cat scratching post from the base and work upwards. Attach the scratching poles firmly to the base and wrap them with either carpet or sisal rope. Then you can attach any sleeping shelves and perches that you have decided on for your cat’s enjoyment. Make sure the whole thing is solid and sturdy.

Once your cat tree is all completed, have a check over it for safety. Look for any loose parts, sharp bits, wood splinters, sticking out nails, staples and such-like that could hurt your cat.

Dress Up Your Cat Tree!

Yay! All finished and now is the time to go crazy with attaching your cat toys! You might also like to rub it or spray it with catnip for an extra special touch. Then introduce your kitty to her brand new cat scratching post and get her opinion on your hard work.

All in all, to make a cat scratching post is relatively easy and your cat will enjoy years of entertainment and pleasure!

And, if you want to avoid some of the pitfalls and make sure your cat scratching post is well built and will last for years, have a look at these Cat Scratching Post Plans.

Cat Tree Plans: Learn how to build cat trees

DIY Cat Tree PlansIf you want to avoid some of the pitfalls and make sure your cat scratching post is well built and will last for years, have a look at these Cat Scratching Post Plans. Learn how you can make your own cat tree at home with these great plans. Making cat furniture at home can be fun, cheap and easy and your cat will love you for it!

If you have seen the prices of cat trees and cat furniture, then you will appreciate the amazing value of this Book, which is available for instant download. You can save hundreds (yes hundreds) of dollars by making cat furniture yourself.

There is a wide range of cat tree plans to suit all tastes. Once you know how they are put together then you can expand your designs yourself and make exactly what suits your home and your cat.


Below are a few of the Cat Tree Plans and designs you will find inside in the ebook


Make a cat scratching post

How To Make A Small Cat Tree With Bed.

If you want to make a cat tree that is smaller in size, the Cat Nap Cat Tree is great. This is the perfect size for kittens and older cats to be able to climb and play around on.

How To Make Small Cat Scratching PostKittens love to be able to hop around and are full of energy. and older cats just want to have something that they can relax on and climb every now and then.

This is also one of the easier cat trees for you to learn how to build and is fun to put together. There are a few different things that make up this cat tree that you will want to know about.

As you can see from the picture, there are two tiers to this cat tree that sit slightly off the ground. It sits solidly on top of a 2 foot by 2 foot base and the tiers are triangle shaped.

The first tier sits only 13 inches off the ground while the second tier sits 26 inches off the ground. When the structure for this cat tree is built, it is covered with carpet to give it a soft texture that cats of all ages love.

Also, there is a Sisal wrapped post that your cat will have a lot of fun scratching and sharpening its claws on.

The cat tree plans to build this tree are very easy to follow and have pictures and diagrams that will guide you through every step of the way. The materials for this cat tree are also very inexpensive to buy so you will be able to save a lot of money by build a cat tree rather than buying one. You also get the pride that comes from building something for your cat that it will enjoy.

Use the easy to follow cat tree blueprints you can download to assemble your own cat furniture in only a few hours. You will have a lot of fun building the Cat Nap tree and your cat will have a lot of fun playing on it.

How To Make A Tall Cat Tree – High-Rise

If you want to make a cat tree that stands tall and has plenty of space for your cat to lay and play then the Highrise is a great model to make. This carpet covered cat tree comes with a lot of great features that any cat will love, and best of all it is easy to make.

How To Make Tall Cat Scratching PostThis means you will be able to make your cat a professional looking cat tree with minimal effort. Another great thing is the money you will be able to save versus buying a cat tree at the pet store.

There are a few details about these cat tree plans that you will want to know about if you are going to build this tree for your cat.

One thing you should know is the Highrise is mainly for larger cats. This means you can go ahead and build it while your kittens are still small and let them be getting used to it as they grow larger, or you can go ahead and build it for the large cat that you already have. The reason it is mostly for larger cats is because of the size of it.

The first level of this cat tree is 22 inches high which is almost two feet that a small cat will have to try to climb. The second, third, and forth levels are 35 inches high, 47 inches high, and 60 inches high, which will definitely be hard for a smaller sized kitten.

However, as the kitten grows these heights will not be hard for them to get to and the cat will have a lot of fun on this tree.

Imagine your cat jumping and playing around on a cat tree that you made for him. He could jump from perch to perch and scratch the scratching posts that are in between. Your cat would be in cat heaven!

It is very rewarding to make a cat tree for your cat. If you are someone who loves your cat and wants to be able to learn how to make him a new structure to play on then you will want to get your hands on the plans that will show you step-by-step how to build a cat tree. Not only will you learn to build the Highrise but you will also learn to build 10 other great cat trees that look just as great. If you want to be able to build this tree for your cat then download the cat tree plans book.

Make A Cat Playground

How to make a cat playground This large cat tree is just as it’s name says – a playground for your cat. It has different levels, a range of places to sit and snooze, as well as a number of different poles on which to sharpen those claws.

The cat playground will provide hours of entertainment for both you and your cat(s). If you are wanting to make a cat scratching post, then this playground is a good one for you to consider.

Here are some of the features of this kitty playground design:

  • Easy to build from recycled materials
  • Choose your own color scheme
  • Large size at 72″ high
  • Has four separate playing levels
  • Level 1 is 22″ off the ground and has a step up to level 2
  • Level 2 is 47″ off the ground
  • Level 2 features a 10″ diameter cutout
  • Both Level 3 and level 4 are large big triangle shelves
  • Level 3 is72″ off the ground and has a step up to level 2
  • Level 4 is 47″ off the ground
  • There are two poles that are covered with sisal rope for excellent scratching traction.
  • The height of the cat playground’s top level give a good view for kitty to keep a watch out over his or her territory.

Safe and Stable:

This is a very stable and safe playground and it will suit cats of all ages. It is particularly made so that moving from one level to another is easy. Even for elderly cats or tiny, young kittens. They will all love this cat tree design, and will spend at lot of time playing and sleeping on all of it’s levels.

So, you can rest assured that if you spend time making this cat scratching post, that your cat will surely appreciate all the work you have done. And reward you well by entertaining you with her antics. You can be assured that this cat playground will get a lot of use. With the help of the sisal scratching posts and the center opening, your cat will stay entertained for a long time each day.

Skilled Enough To Make This Kitty Playground?

If you are wondering if you are skilled enough to build a cat playground like this one, the you need not worry. There are plans available from the manufacturer of these cat trees that guide you step-by-step through the entire process of making a cat playground exactly like.

That includes what materials to use, how to cut them out, the building the shelves, attaching the sisal and carpet. In short, everything else that goes into building this cat playground and other cat tree designs.

Here is the link to the downloadable cat playground plans that show how to make this cat playground along with a number of other designs. You will be able to keep your feline friend content and entertained for years to come.

Start A Cat Tree Business!

You can also use this book to start yourself up a little home Cat Tree business offering your beautiful, well made and sturdy cat trees for sale. As every cat owner needs at least one cat tree in their home, you should not have any problem selling them. Places to check out would include local markets and pet stores. Local retails would most likely be very interested in a reasonably priced and locally made cat furniture supplier.

One great suggestion would be to offer your cat trees for sale on a commission basis to animal rescue centers. They will be able to put a little extra on top of your price to make some income for themselves. As rescue centers have a constant stream of new cat and kitten owners, this would be a great way to get a head-start on a your building a cat tree business. And you will also be helping the rescue center financially.

Another idea for sales is to contact any local cat breeders. Often, they have kittens buyers that would like a “one stop shop” and a breeder may be interested in either buying a few cat trees from you outright – or selling them on commission for you.

If you look around, you should also be able to source materials for your cat trees that are extremely cheap or even free, making your profits even bigger. Check out local carpet stores who often have last years sample mats that are to be thrown out. And carpet laying businesses always have leftover pieces from their installations.

The Cat Tree Plans download book has incredibly detailed step by step instructions, which are simple for even the beginner to follow. If looking to start up a business, you will easily be churning out your homemade cat trees very quickly.




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