How To Remove Mats From A Cat

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How To Remove Mats From A Cat Video.

Long haired cats often have a problem with their coat matting up. A good diet and regular grooming can help to minimize matting fur. Learning how to remove mats from a cat safely, is important most especially for any long haired cat owner. And, sometimes a little help is needed with removing a cats mat.

How To Remove Mats From A Cat Safely


It is actually quite easy to do, usually the only problem is if your cat is not easy enough for you to handle, and will not allow you to remove the mats without a lot of fuss and fighting you.

If you cannot handle your cat alone, then enlist the help of someone else who can keep kitty occupied with scratches, cuddles or small food treats.Just long enough for you to get the job done.

You can also work on your cat’s mats when they are asleep, or cuddling on your nap. You do not have to get the mat out in one session. If it is a very large mat, or your cat is fighting your touching it, then just do it in small amounts – a little at a time.

Please make sure to be very gentle. Sometimes cat mats will pull very tight and so the skin under them will be sore and sensitive. It may also cut and break easily – so take extreme care.

Below is a great video that shows you how to use a special mat removal comb to loosen the compacted hair and get rid of the mat completely.

This is a Persian cat, and this breed usually has very long fur which does tend to get matted. Persian cats do require regular and thorough grooming from their owners.

How To Remove Mats From A Cat Safely



Here are some options for nice cat combs. The rotating teeth model is extremely popular.

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