Hairstyles For Cats?

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Different HairStyles For Cats?

OK, so this is tongue-in-cheek. Seriously … hairstyles for cats? But did you ever wonder what your cat would look like with a human hair style?

Here is a video that shows you how easy it is to get a picture of what your cat would look like wearing various hair colors and styles …




So, now you know that all you need to do is to find a suitable sized box (most cats love to get into boxes), cut a hole large enough for his or her head to fit through. Then attach or draw you choice of hairstyles on the outside of the box.

Maybe she would suit a sleek Adele “Up-Do”, or a frizzy, wild Afro style.

Now encourage kitty to enter the box, with some treats if she is reluctant. Then with your camera handy, you will have some really stylish “cat make-overs” to share among your kitty friends. Or you may even have such a lovely photo that you can display it on your wall.

If you have children, I bet they would love to use this idea and fill a wet, cold afternoon being artistic. And at the end they could have a lot of fun seeing what their cat looks like. If so, make sure to supervise so no-one gets hurt or over-excited.

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Hairstyles for cats


Go and have fun with your cat!

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