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Grooming A Cat:

Regular grooming and coat care for your cat’s fur is a basic necessity. The benefits of regularly grooming a cat include removal of any loose fur and discarded undercoat and thus helping to minimize hairballs (and your house vacuuming). And it also improves your cat’s circulation.

Grooming also provides the owner with a good opportunity to watch out for parasites such as fleas and ticks, so you can catch them early. And not only that, grooming is a really great way to have a closer bond with your cat, as most felines seriously enjoy a good brushing session!

The regularity of grooming will depend on the breed and coat type of your cat. Different breeds require varying types of grooming. Some kitties need daily brushing and combing, while short haired cats will obviously require less intensive care. Most cats spend a large part of their day grooming themselves.

Start Grooming Your Kitten Early In Life

Start getting your kitten used to being groomed from a very young age and slowly increase the amount of time you spend grooming your kitten until it is quite happy to allow you to brush it. Soon the kitten will love being groomed and will come to see it as part of her daily routine. If you approach grooming as a chore then so will your cat.

When you are grooming your cat don’t forget to check her ears, nose, mouth, eyes, nails and around her feet. It is also a perfect opportunity to check it over for any bumps and lumps. Check the skin by parting the hair, to see if your cat has any skin problems such as fleas or any red, sore or inflamed areas that may require treatment.

A cat’s hair can be short or long with different degrees of coat type within these two types. You will need to give the coats of long haired cats a lot of attention, brushing them at least once every day. Use a wide toothed comb to remove any dead hair.

When you find a knot or matt in your cat’s fur, separate it with your fingers – gently and slowly from the root up. Try not to resort to scissors, but if you have to – then cut into the middle of the knot and try to loosen it again by hand. You may have to have a very matted cat shaved by a veterinary surgeon under general anesthetic or sedation.

Grooming A Cat

If you decide that you would like a long haired cat then you need to be completely sure that you are willing to put in the time grooming a cat with long hair. Far too frequently these cats have to attend the vet’s because their coats are matted.

You won’t need to spend anything like as long grooming a short haired cat, as a long haired one. You will probably only need to comb the cat thoroughly once a week.

Use a short toothed comb or a rubber brush to remove the dead hairs. Some short haired cats have delicate coats and skin, so please do be cautious when using combs and brushes that you are not damaging the cat in any way.

Loosen dead hairs by hand before you begin to use a brush or comb on your cat. Run your fingers through the fur in the opposite direction to the way to the hair grows. This stimulates the skin’s natural oils to give a nice, healthy shine to the fur. After doing this then you can use the grooming equipment best suited for your cat’s coat type.

It is really not necessary to bath a cat. If it has been thoroughly and correctly groomed, the natural oils in the cats fur will always give it a shiny gleam. Bathing a cat can often make mattes and knots worse, making the fur totally unmanageable.

If your cat has a specific skin complaint or is suffering with fleas that traditional remedies can’t clear up, then make sure that you use shampoo that is suitable for your cat’s skin. Use a specific cat shampoo bought from a pet store or a veterinarian. These cat shampoos are easier to rinse out and make less lather, and should be safe to use on your cat’s skin. Make certain that you wet the coat completely before adding the shampoo.

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So do you currently groom your cat … or are you going to start now? Please leave a comment for our readers below.

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