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Want A Cheap Cat Scratching Post?

If money is short, then there are good ways to have a cheap cat scratching post available for your cat to flex her claws and muscles on.

While most of us would like to buy our cats massive kitty condos with all the bells and whistles. The reality is that most of us can’t afford to spend a lot of money on cat furniture.

However, you cat still needs to scratch, so what can you do?

Below I go over some options of free and cheap cat scratching posts, as well as a few models that you can buy that won’t cost you the earth.

Different Cheap Cat Scratching Post Options

There are a few different ways to have a cheap cat tree, that will still do what it supposed to, and that is give your cat something to scratch on, to climb and to sleep on. Her own special place in your your house.

Cheap Cat Scratching Post

Here are some choices for an inexpensive cat scratching post or kitty condo:

  • Make your own professional looking cat tree
  • Make a cat scratching post from recycled materials
  • Fix an old or second-hand cat scratching post up
  • Use something else for your cat to scratch on

Make A Simple Cat Scratching Post

This very short video shows you how to make a simple but effective cat scratching post. Too easy!


Make A Professional Looking Cat Scratching Post

Easy to do and kitty will love it

The easiest way to have a cheap cat scratching post, is to make one. Now, you can make a proper, professional looking tree relatively easily by following some cat tree plans.

There are a number of ways you can do this. Firstly you can buy a range of cat scratching post plans online,

You can also search to find free scratching post plans online and download them where possible.

As long as the plans are straight forward and clearly detailed, making a cat tree is very simple. Once you understand how everything goes together, you can adjust the scratching post plans to fit your house size, your decor and your cat (or cats). You can add bits and take bits away. So making you own cat tree is a very handy thing to know how to do.

Make a cat scratching post from recycled materials

Using recycled materials not only saves you a lot of money, it usually saves materials that will only be dumped. So you are doing your bit to go green, too.

Where to find the wood:

Look for places where you can get off-cuts of wood. Check your local timber yard and let them know what you are looking for. Builders usually throw heaps of good off-cuts out when building houses. Mostly it will just be a matter of phoning around and asking. And if you talk really sweetly – a builder or timber yard might even cut the pieces to your exact measurements for you, too.

Often people are happy that you take this type of stuff away, so they don’t have to take it to the dump or pay to have it removed. Another place to look if you are allowed to, is you can also check at your local dump.

Where to find the Carpet:

I get most of my carpet for my own scratching posts from carpet installers. They usually remove older carpet when re-carpeting a house, and this is most often dumped. So you could get all the carpet you need and more – just by phoning and asking.

If you don’t want used carpet, then see if you can get some of those “books” of carpet samples you see in carpet shops. They change their products ranges often, and these carpet samples also are often just thrown out. I find these are really good as they usually have a nice neat edging sewn around them. These are what I use the most for replacing the carpet on our cat tree legs when they get tatty.

How To Build A Cat Tree Video

This video shows you how to build a cat tree from start to finish.


Fix Or Repair A Second-hand Cat Scratching Post

Save Money and Be Green – Repair A Worn Cat Scratching Post

Now this sure isn’t as difficult as it may sound. I will soon be adding photos here so you can see exactly how to take an old, worn scratching post and make it almost like brand new again.

You can often find old cat trees that have been thrown out, or for sale very cheap in second-hand shops or markets.

… photos of me repairing a cat scratching post to be added here soon …

Make Something Else For Cats to Scratch

Cat Scratching Posts With Flair

There is an amazing range of things you can use or make – to offer your cat somewhere to scratch that will not mean she is destroying your furniture.

Below, I will be showing you plenty of ideas that will get you thinking.

How To Make A Door Hanging Cat Scratcher

This video shows you exactly how to make a door-hanging cat scratcher, using cardboard. This method takes a little bit of effort, but is certainly worth it.

This is a really good idea, simple, easy, cheap and effective.


Small Cheap Cat Scratching Post For Sale

Buy A Cheaper Cat Tree

If none of the above sounds appealing to you, below I have selected a range of cheap scratching posts that you can buy. You should be able to find a cheaper cat tree within your price range there.

When buying a cheap cat scratching post such as one of these pictured below, understand that they are made of cheaper materials. Therefore, they will naturally not have such a long a life as one made of heavy duty materials. These cat trees below all have cardboard cylinders for the posts, whereas a more expensive scratching post will most likely have wood.

Wood is good in that it is very heavy and this makes the scratching post solid, and hard to knock over for when your cat gets the “zoomies”. However, a heavy, wooden cat tree may take a bit of effort when moving if, you need to – especially if it is a gigantic one.

Apart from the first one (which is actually quite expensive – I just added it because it is really cool!) the cat scratching posts below rare quite inexpensive at the time of writing.

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