Cat Trees That Look Like Trees

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Want Cat Trees That Look Like Trees?

One way to get cat trees that look like trees, is to actually use a real tree, or a part of one for your new cat scratching post. Of course this is one of the best ways you can obtain cat trees for less and even no money at all. And of course there is great satisfaction knowing that you build a cat tree for your cat yourself! 

Cats love nature and they surely love things that look real. A lot of cats will even be much more inclined to scratch on a real tree that smells great and has bark, than on a purpose built, carpeted cat scratching post to start off with. Especially if they are new to the whole “use a scratching post – and don’t wreck my furniture” thing!


Cat Trees That Look Like Trees


How To Find Cat Trees That Look Like Trees:

If you have access to a wooded area, then simply go have a wander around, looking for fallen branches or even for tree stumps. If you don’t have a wooded area close by you, then you can check with your family and friends to see if they do. Or take a weekend drive out into the country to source some likely looking branches.

Check at Local Wood Suppliers

Another option that you might like to check out local wood supply merchants such as firewood suppliers, or tree fellers. Although they might like to charge you, which defeats the purpose of looking for cat trees for less.

Choosing a Natural Cat Tree

The sort of branch you are looking for will have a good sized trunk that will hold your cat’s weight when she scratches on it or climbs up it. You might like to fix the bottom of your new, natural cat tree to a solid, firm base for your cat’s safety, and if so then the end of the chosen branch should be perfectly flat, to make it easy for you.

If you can find a good branch that does not require any cutting or rearranging to suit your needs, then all the better. You can just take it home, prop it up and introduce your cat.

A Real Cat Tree

Add Boards For You Cat To Sleep On

It is also a great idea to add a flat board or two for a perch. So if you want to do that, then it is best to find a branch that has a couple of out reaching branches, for you to attach the cat perch on to, that will easily carry the weight of your cat.

Pictured below is a branch that is used as a cat tree in an outdoors cat enclosure. Although it is a bit narrow, this branch makes a relatively good cat tree, because there is a great woody surface for the cats to scratch on. The owner intends to add a cat perch about half way up. But at least this gives you an idea of how good a natural cat tree can look.


Cat Trees That Look Like Trees

Find Your Own Cat Trees That Look Like Trees

If you take the time to find a really good branch, it can look quite amazing and artistic inside your home – giving a natural, out-doorsy feel. Then you will have everyone putting orders in for you to go out and find them their own cat trees that look like trees!

Maybe if you are not quite the handy type, you may be interested in these gorgeous, designer cat trees with a slightly more natural feel.


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