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Cat Trees For Less

If you want to obtain cat trees for less, then the cheapest way all round is to just find good cat scratching post plans and make a cat condo yourself.

A search will show you lots of cat trees that range in price from very cheap to massively expensive.  I have a few selected to show you what a wide range of options there are in this page: Different cat tree designs

Discount cat trees are available as well. But of course, you need to make sure of the quality before you buy cat trees that are very cheap. Please keep in mind that a cat tree needs to be safe and very sturdy for your cat.

You should also check that the materials the cat scratching post is constructed out of are of a standard that will stand up to years of wear and tear from your cat scratching on it.


Buy Or Make Cat Trees For Less


Some places have cat tree plans free and that are available for immediate download. And there are some great cat scratching post plans that cost a small fee.

The best way to get your cat trees for less, is to first figure out exactly what kind of cat tree designs that you like the best, and that you think your cat will like the best (very, very important!) and take it from there.

Below is a quick video that pictures a homemade cat scratch post, to give you an idea of just what you may be able to accomplish, if you undertake to build a cat tree yourself:



How To Assemble A Cat Tree Flat Pack

So, you have bought your kitty a brand new scratching post, the box(es) has arrived and now you are wondering just how to put it all together.

I remember getting one of those huge cat trees with a number of boxes and two hammocks. I put it together with great difficulty – trying to follow and decipher the very poor written instructions.

From China, of course. I got it almost finished (I thought) when I realized I had made a mistake right at the very start and half of it was upside own. To my consternation – nothing would all fit together. So, I had to take it apart and start all over.

So here I have found for you a video that shows you what you need to do to put your new cat tree together.

Assembling Your Cat Tree



Want To Make Your Own Cat Tree?

And if you are wanting to make your own scratching post from … well … from scratch, this video will give you some really good ideas of the best ways to construct a cat tree.

You can see all the individual parts and how they each connect to the other.


One advantage of making your own cat tree, is that you can mix and match the furnishings on it. Get carpet that matches the carpet in your house. Or even your furniture, to make the scratching post really fit into your home.

Remember when making a cat tree to ensure that it is very sturdy and won’t get knocked over by an over-exuberant kitty. Safety for your cat should always come first.


Now, go have fun – OK?

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