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What Is The Best Cat Scratching Post?

There are many different cat trees, scratching posts, cat condos on the market. Some are specific to different needs, such as a small space cat tree or a scratching post for really large cats. To find best cat scratching post for your cat … read on.

There are a few things to take into consideration before purchasing a cat scratching post – it is a good idea to really look into what is available prior to spending your money – in case the scratching post is just not right for you.

Below I give you a quick rundown of the best cat tree sellers, the good, the bad and the ugly. From there you can get a really good idea on what you believe is the best cat scratching post for your own cat(s).

Best Cat Scratching Post Features

What should you look for in the best cat scratching post?


The Best Cat Scratching Post


Before buying any cat furniture (or toys etc), it is always good to be aware of safety issues that you may need to look out for.

And, also bear in mind that higher the price of the scratching post, then the sounder and more durable the construction materials.

So, if you want your cat tree to last a long time and you have more than one cat, then you should consider budgeting a little more for good quality materials – that are better able to take heavy use.

Here below are some handy cat tree safety tips from me.

  • Most important: Make sure the scratching post is not too tall and narrow. If the cat tree is very skinny and the shelves are not particularly wide, it can be difficult to navigate downwards for your cat. Especially if you have a young kitten, as they tend to “look before they leap”
  • If there are string toys attached, please make sure they are not long enough or elastic enough for your cat to get wrapped around her body or neck.
  • Make sure there are no sharp, sticky-out type objects attached
  • The scratching post should have a wide enough base so that it will not wobble too much or even get knocked over if you cat leaps at it full tilt.
  • Look for materials that are long lasting, although carpet and sisal are easily replaced, the inner parts of the cat scratching post are not so easy. Although this has a lot to do with cost. The higher the price, the sounder the construction materials. If you want your cat tree to last a long time and you have more than one cat, then you should consider budgeting more – for good quality materials.


How To Select The Best Cat Scratching Post

Tips for buying cats trees and why you should have one

In this video you can see some different sizes of cat scratching posts, what different textures and styles there are, and what you should look for in choosing the best cat scratching post for your kitty.




Top 10 Best Scratching Post

Here is a list of the Top 10 Best Cat Tree products

Please read the comments I have added to each cat scratching post and have a good look.

Please note that this selection is in the lower price range of cat scratching posts, and as such are not made from very expensive materials.


SmartCat Door Hanging Cat Tower SmartCat Door Hanging Cat Tower

Now, this door hanging cat scratcher is a marvelous idea and is extremely popular. It is suitable for any home, most especially those that have very little space, as it hangs on a standard door..
And what is more is that it is easily moved. My cats certainly love having their scratching posts moved around.
Easy to assemble, it comes with a spring loaded attachment to help keep it firmly in place.


Armarkat B6802 68 Inch Cat Tree IvoryArmarkat B6802 68 Inch Cat Tree Ivory

A tall cat tree, this is an attractive and popular scratching post.
There is lots of room for more than one cat and the shelves are all laid out well.
The overall size: 31-inchL X 25-inchW X 68″H.


Go Pet Club Cat Tree in BeigeGo Pet Club Cat Tree in Beige

This cat scratching post has 15 levels of fun. There are 10 posts that are covered in sisal rope which is a great medium for cats to scratch on. It is wide enough to be easy to navigate.
It is sturdy with a wide base of 28″W x 24″L, and a little ladder that gives extra support.


Armarkat B5701 57 Inch Cat Tree IvoryArmarkat B5701 57 Inch Cat Tree in Ivory

This cat scratching post is smaller, so would be good for maybe an older cats and it is certainly safe enough for little kittens to use.
There is ample area on each shelf, which are very nicely arranged for easy movement around the cat tree.
The pale color of this cat tree makes it fit in with almost any room decor.
The overall size is 28-inchL X 25-inchW X 57″H


Go Pet Club Cat Tree Condo LeopardGo Pet Club Cat Tree Condo Leopard

A very sexy looking play gym style scratching post. This also is a rather small unit and a lot of buyers have commented that it is not really big enough for a large cat. I love the bed with the edges. It has a nice round condo area and two hanging balls are attached.
NOTE: Make sure the strings are not long enough to get caught around your cat.
Overall size: 18″W x 17.5″L x 28″H.


GoPetClub Cat Tree Furniture Beige 59GoPetClub Cat Tree Furniture Beige 59″

The GoPetClub Cat Tree Furniture Beige 59 nice scratching post areas, plentiful shelves and a nice flowing design.
It is quite a little cat tree and therefore would not be suitable for multi-cat households – unless you want some scrapping.


Go Pet Club 80 inch Beige Cat Tree FurnitureGo Pet Club 80 inch Beige Cat Tree Furniture

Now, I really like this cat scratching post. it is wide and stable and has lots of different areas for scratching, playing and sleeping.
With two condos, a sleeping basket and I can’t count the shelves, there is certainly plenty of room for more than just one cat.
This cat scratching jungle gym comes with some hanging toys, too.


GoPetClub Jungle GYM Cat Tree Condo Bed and ScratcherGoPetClub Jungle GYM Cat Tree Condo Bed and Scratcher

A large scratching post, this one has almost everything. My cats seriously love those baskets for sleeping in, especially when it is cold.
There is ample room, many scratching and playing areas for a number of cats. And it stays stable by a stabilizing post that puts pressure on the ceiling.
Overall Size : 50″W x 16″L x 92″-106″H


Go Pet Club 62 inch Tall Greyish Black Cat Tree FurnitureGo Pet Club 62 inch Tall Greyish Black Cat Tree Furniture

As a small cat tree, this is not suitable for a very large cat.
It is a nice tree for one cat, with lovely play areas and a special dangly, stringy toy type thingo.
The overall size of this little cat scratching post is 26″W x 20″L x 62″H*


Large Go Pet Club Cat Tree in BlueLarge Go Pet Club Cat Tree in Blue

This huge blue cat tree is a really nice model.
It is wide and stable and therefore great for any age cat or kitten.
It has two lovely, roomy sized condos and three upper level sleeping shelves.
Is this the best cat scratching post? … possibly. You would need to make sure you have enough room, as it is rather big!


Small Cat Scratching Posts

Neat and Tidy Cat Trees

If you have a tight space or just don’t want your cat’s furniture taking up the whole room, below is a range of smaller cat trees.

These all have decent scratching placed for your kitty to enjoy. I specially like the one in the top middle row, as it is able to be folded up easily.

Scratcher Beds and Loungers

Best Small Cat Scratcher Beds

There are so many different shapes and sizes, colors and textures. These little cat scratchers-beds-playboxes may be small, but they have all the components of the best cat scratching post - to keep your cat happily away from scratching where she shouldn't.

Best Medium Sized Cat Scratching Posts

Cat Scratchers and Trees

These are all medium sized cat scratching posts - trees. Something for every taste, don't ya reckon?


The Best Large Cat Scratching Posts

Tons of fun and entertainment for cats!

These scratching posts will take up a decent amount of room in your house, both in width and height. So do consider that before purchasing one.

The wider the base of the cat tree - the more stable it will be, and this is a good thing.

Cats love hidey-holes, and most of these large cat trees have numerous of those, along with plenty of areas for scratching on

Did You Find The Best Cat Scratching Post?

If you didn't, then click on the image below for some unique cat trees

Unique Cat Trees

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